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     The project "Hybrid Stories" is precious in terms of enabling organizations to develop and enhance their network as well as improving the organizations’ ability to act on the European level. The project assumes the Exchange of experience and the confrontation of ideas, practices and methods.

    The proposed project refers to the aims of the action: strategic partnership KA 2. The partnership comprises organizations from five countries of the program Erasmus+. Partners project  Hybrid Stories will be retaliate in country: Poland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Slovakia.

    Organizations dealing with adult education have undertaken cooperation and are willing to cooperate on the improvement of the quality and usefulness of the Key Competences. The project stands the chance of making positive changes in its environment by building an approach in terms of the education of parents.

   The topic of the project encompasses the presentation of the hybrid stories in adult education. Within the project an exchange of experience and good practices on the following issues is planned: Learning about the strengthening of key competences: knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will help learners find personal fulfillment and, later in life, find work and take part in society. The exchange of tips and information, Building the collective knowledge of the functioning of a family in context Key competence, These key competences include 'traditional' skills such as communication in one's mother tongue, foreign languages, digital skills, literacy, and basic skills in maths and science, as well as horizontal skills such as learning to learn, social and civic responsibility, initiative and entrepreneurship, cultural awareness, and creativity.

   Target Group it is all educational stakeholders interested in the topic and parents. We intend to gather formal partners participating in the project. Additionally, we also actively search for contributors in non-formal groups such as parents’ associations or adult education institutions.

   The main goal of the project is to exchange practices for effective strategies for activating, counseling and motivating parents with low key competences for development. Specific objectives have been clearly determined and can be attained owing to the character and experience of the partnership.

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